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Help these Ohio fourth graders make a difference in their future.  

We are from a small Central Ohio public school district and determined to make a difference. 

Heartbroken at the tragic and senseless killing of Cecil, one of the few remaining wild male lions left in existance (who was supposedly protected) and by the countless heartless acts of violence destroying our world's most spectacular species, these students are determined to spread and share love, compassion and awareness-  hoping to save the masses - 1 for everyone. Help us spread awareness and love.  They want THESE ANIMALS in their future.

Last year, we raised $1,700 for IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare.)  This year, we are hard at work trying to help 4 different non-profits:  The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, Born Free Foundation, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and The Sea Shepherds.  Please help us, help them!

We are now our own registered charity, working to save animals near and far...
Raising funds for various known wildlfe charities, as well as animals in need here locally.  Help the children, help them all.

Project Cecil:  Save 1 for ME! 
Of the CHILDREN, by the CHILDREN, for the ANIMALS!

Love Versus Greed

Which side are you one?

Brand New student created designs!!

Project Cecil:  Save 1 for me! ​​

We ARE Project CECIL.  We ARE citizens of this EARTH...